General Neurology

Neurology is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and management of neurological diseases and conditions, involving the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

A neurosurgeon is a medical specialist who handles various diseases and conditions affecting the nervous system. The nervous system involves both the central and peripheral nervous systems comprising of the brain, spinal cord, and adjoining peripheral nerves. Neurosurgeons provide both non-surgical and surgical treatment to affected patients, of all age groups.

Most neurosurgeons perform more spine surgeries than brain surgeries. Some neurosurgeons are specialized in specific types of spinal problems such as cervical (neck), lumbar (low back) and spinal cord injuries. Neurosurgeons are further specialized in treating patients of specific age groups such as pediatric neurosurgeons who specialize in treating infants and children.

The study of neurosurgery comprises of four years of college and four years study at a medical school followed by a residency in neurosurgery that lasts for about five to seven years. The residency program is exhaustive and complex that covers all areas of neurosurgery. On completion of a residency program, some neurosurgeons are elected for advanced training, with 1-2 years of fellowship, in a specific area of neurosurgery.  Dr. Kraus has completed his fellowship in neurovascular-skull base surgery from the prestigious Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Kraus is experienced in treating various conditions arising from different areas of the nervous system:

  • Brain (tumors both benign and malignant, aneurysms and hemorrhages)
  • Cervical spine (discs, trauma, tumors)
  • Thoracic spine (discs, trauma, tumors)
  • Lumbar spine (discs, trauma, tumors)
  • Sacral spine (trauma, tumors)
  • Ulnar nerves
  • Peripheral nerves (compressions, lacerations)
  • Lumbo sacral plexus
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Brachial plexus

Dr. Gary Kraus is certified by the American board of neurological surgeons (ABNS) and is passionate about his work. ABNS is a prestigious organization that certifies neurosurgeons by conducting regular educational programs. These programs include a complete assessment of an individual’s knowledge, skill and experiences through comprehensive written and oral examinations. Successful completion of the program assures the public about the neurosurgeon’s ability to render high caliber neurosurgical care.