Spine trauma is impairment of the spine due to injury caused by an accidental fall or any other physical injury. Spinal injuries may arise while playing, executing normal activities, controlling heavy machines, lifting heavy objects, driving automobiles, or when you undergo a fall. Injury to the spine may result in numerous conditions comprising fractures, dislocation, partial misalignment (subluxation), disc compression (herniated disc), hematoma (accumulation of blood) and partial or complete tears of ligaments.

The treatment of such conditions will be influenced by the definite type and place of the injury. Patient may be treated with pain medications, epidural injections (injecting medication into the spine), physiotherapy, and surgery. The patient is recommended surgery only if the other interventions fails to provide the desired results. The surgical procedures are selected based on the type of spinal condition and severity of injury. Certain basic surgical procedures commonly employed are coccygectomy, spinal decompression, discectomy, transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion, and decompression fusion.